Joseph Solomon – WORDS FOR MY FATHER [Poem]


Step FWD came across this video by Joseph Solomon courtesy of chaseGodtv in which he contrast our relationship with our earthly father and God our heavenly Father. We thought it worth sharing especially with Father’s Day coming up on 16th June 2013.

Joseph Solomon had this to say, “As a young black male in America, I am a minority of a minority. My biological father raised me alongside my mother, his wife of 32 years. Because my father was never very close with his father, he made it a point to be an important part of my life. Though my dad and I are very close, and he has played a crucial part in the successes I enjoy today, he is not my ultimate source of identity. Though this poem speaks of a man who was raised by his biological father, it points to someone greater who supersedes all father figures, whether you had one or not…”

So check out the video below with the poem, video production and guitar instrumental all by Joseph Solomon and support his ministry at

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