Jonathan McReynolds sings about unconditional love in ‘Loving Me’

jonathan mcreynolds

Jonathan McReynolds sings about unconditional love in this spectacular song titled ‘Loving Me’ taken from his Life Music album.

It’s rare these days to find a young artist who puts everything on the table. Who puts his whole heart into his music and passionately sings of his love for Jesus Christ.

“I feel like God knows who I am. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and he wanted me to do this. What humbles me is that I know this is what God wants to do in this season of my life,” Jonathan says. “I see how it’s affecting other people. I see how it affects youth. I see how it affects young black men like me. He’s giving me the opportunity to shine, to point people to Him.”

The Christian music industry definitely has a need for more Jonathans, more young, impressive, multi-talented artists who are not afraid to open up his/her heart and soul and honestly sing about the ebb and flow of living in Christ.

Well done Jonathan! Well done all who like Jonathan manage to combine faith with music, represent the Kingdom and sing confidently knowing that but for His love…

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