Join the Family Business: What Does Your Heart Bleed For?


We are all in God’s family when we do His will. The global church is a family business. When Jesus came to earth he joined His father’s business. He brought the Kingdom of God to us who were afar off.

Many thanks once again to Open Doors Youth for the amazing work they are doing in reminding us that if one member of the family suffers, we all suffer (see video below). Let us keep the focus on what unites us; the birth, ministry, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pray for Him as head of the family to deal with anything that divides and separates us from each other.

Focus on what you can contribute to the family business of spreading the gospel to every person on earth while encouraging and supporting other members of the family.

Put your faith into action and join with Step FWD as we too work in the global family business, in reaching a generation. Check out our Ministry page and get in touch.

So today, right now, STOP! THINK! what will you contribute? what does your heart bleed for?


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