John Boyega to exec. produce Gangster-Turned-Pastor movie “God Is Good”

Star Wars movie star John Boyega is set to executive produce a crime-thriller about family, community, race and faith called “God Is Good”. Boyega is an outspoken Christian actor from England who is popularly known for his role as Finn in the 2015 and 2017 Star Wars movies, but this time Boyega is taking on a different role as he will be tasked with overseeing the production of the “God Is Good” soundtrack.

According to Deadline, the English-language, South African film will tell the story of a “reformed gangster-turned-pastor and a volatile detective who cross paths after an act of brutal violence sets them on collision course with a heinous gang lieutenant.”

Boyega, who recently launched his record label UpperRoom Records, will be working with the film’s other producer, renowned producer Josephine Rose, to create a compelling soundtrack for the film which is set to start shooting this spring.

In an interview with Deadline, Boyega noted how excited he was to be a part of this film. He told the outlet, “I’m thrilled to be teaming once again with Josephine Rose on such a powerful and important story that explores themes of fathers and fatherhood, toxic masculinity, race and faith in a community that has become trapped in an unending cycle of violence and racial oppression, and where sometimes it seems for men that violence is the only way of achieving power.”

He continued, “Willem has written a superb screenplay and we are looking forward to working with him to realise the vision behind it.”

“Josephine, Yara, Stefan and I also all share a passion for music and this film enables us to work with local talent in South Africa to find those voices and help put them on the international stage by also bringing on internationally renowned Afro beats artists. The team will work with artists across the continent of Africa to create a soundtrack that represents and gives voice to the incredible range of music talent and sound that the continent produces,”
he concluded.

According to Praise 104.7 FM, “God Is Good” is rumoured to be comparable to award-winning films “Prisoners” and “City of God”.

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