Singer-songwriter JessiEmma releases debut single ‘Amazing Grace’

In a world where Christian music is often seen as predictable and formulaic, JessiEmma is the exception. Her unique ability to fuse her personal experiences with her deep faith in God makes her music relatable, and it will resonate with listeners of all backgrounds.

JessiEmma is a young passionate minister seeking to stir up the hearts of listeners. As a singer-songwriter, she has been ministering into the lives of many with an overflow of testimonies from a tender age. JessiEmma shows a deep understanding of the connection between music and faith. Coming from a family of worshippers that live to usher people into the presence of God, she draws a lot from her parents especially her father who is the worship pastor in their local church.

At the core of her music is a true worshiper that wants to always touch the heart of her Maker. A multifaceted – minister unique in her own right, she aims to share her powerful story and journey of the grace, mercy and the goodness of God. JessiEmma encourages listeners to reflect on their relationship with God and to experience his love at every stage of their journey.

JessiEmma is on a quest to know, understand and please God. She does so by composing and singing her heart out to her Maker using it as an evangelical tool to reach her generation and beyond.

Her debut single ‘Amazing Grace’ released on Friday 24th February is not just a song, it’s a story that needs to be shared. With her dynamic vocals and powerful chorus, creates a sound that is truly an introspective-inducing listening experience. A sound that will have you encouraged and uplifted from the first listen.

Be a part of her journey and share her story and music with your audience. Experience the love and grace of God through her music, and be inspired to strengthen your own relationship with Him.

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  • Adowa K. says:

    This song has really blessed me. I certainly understand God’s grace on another level.

  • Ransford O. A. says:

    Beautiful musical piece that’s jumps right to the soul

  • Jr says:

    grateful and thankful for such an uplifting song 💙🤲

  • Ransford O. A. says:

    Beautiful musical piece that jumps right to the soul!
    Thank you JessiEmma!

  • Zina Lewis-Mensah says:

    Amazing Grace indeed ! A song of true worship a story of mercy and grace and fab vocals too! This has now becone our family’s jam!

  • Alice R says:

    This song really touched me…wow! And what a voice. I agree that this is not just a song but a story to be shared. Thank you JessIemma for your ministry. Blessings.

  • Franca says:

    Beautiful song! It’s important to be reminded of how good our God is. This song does that and more. May generations be blessed by your ministry. God bless you Jessie.

  • I’m obsessed with JessiEmma’s nee release! The reflective words and beautiful tone makes it such an amazing song!!

  • Margaret Dawson Amoah says:

    Amazing grace indeed! I have truly been blessed by this song. I pray many others come to experience the amazing grace that the Father gives us as they listen. God bless you so much for sharing this with the world.

  • Henry Abeka says:

    Wow very powerful and touching
    God bless you

  • Bennet Quayson says:

    Beautiful song, life touching, inspiring music from the music evangelist JessiEmma. Amazing Grace indeed, from the challenges and turbulence we face in this world its only God’s Grace that can save us. I’m really touched . God bless you JessiEmma

  • Lauretta says:

    This single is a modern rearrangement of the timeless hymn. It blessed me deeply and is a regular feature of my Gospel playlist!

    • Amie A says:

      I’m so proud of you, my talented sister and friend. Glad the world finally gets to hear your beautiful voice and see you shine! Amazing Grace indeed🙏

  • Yvonne Takyi says:

    Keep it going dear. You are amazing.

  • Lulu says:

    God truly is amazing, and this song is such a powerful way to remind us of just how incredible He is. I’m looking forward to hearing more beautiful worship and praise songs by JessiEmma, her voice is an incredible gift and talent that is delightful in the way it bears the Good News.

  • Benjamin Nartey says:

    Great tune indeed, can have this on repeat for days.
    Delivered with so much power and passion.

    Well done Jessiemma, you are such a blessing.

  • Emmanuella says:

    JessiEmma, you’re so beautiful inside and out..God bless you for allowing Him to use you to bless this generation.
    ‘Amazing Grace’, well is simply AMAZING! What an all round powerful song. Loveee it! Everyone go listen and be blessed😌

  • Agatha says:

    Wonderful piece Jessie Emma, what an amazing grace May the Lord use your song to bring healing and deliverance
    Continue to walk on the path the Lord has for you
    Proud of you giirlll✨🤍🤍🤍

  • King Harvey says:

    On repeat all day🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 THIS SONG OPENS HEAVENS!!! It is now my song of deliverance and awareness of the Holy Spirit!!! I just Love this version.
    God bless you. You dey sing. This can only be holy ghost inspired.🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  • King Harvey says:

    Amazing Grace by JessiEmma on repeat all day🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 THIS SONG OPENS HEAVENS!!! It is now my song of deliverance and awareness of the Holy Spirit!!! I just Love this version.
    God bless you. You dey sing. This can only be holy ghost inspired.🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  • Liz says:

    Amazing Grace is one you must definitely listen to.

  • Vanessa Kumadey says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Just love this song. God’s grace is amazing indeed!

  • Shanice says:

    Great to see JessiEmma being put in the spotlight! Powerful vocals!

  • Mercy Boateng says:

    Such a blessing to the nations 🙌🏾

  • Nana Owusu-Sekyere says:

    Truly loved this song! Thank you so much for being a vessel to bring us authentic worship music! God bless you!

  • This song really touched my spirit. From JessiEmma’s lyrics to the beautiful tone really makes this song one of my go to worship songs.

  • Vee says:

    This song blessed my heart. On that Friday of it’s released I was down and didn’t know who to turn to. But this song came in just at the right time and I felt the peace and love of God.

  • Yvonne Osei says:

    Whoosh…Indeed it is God.
    Congratulations Big Sis

  • Kwesi says:

    This lady can really sing,this is the definition of talent,I’m more than impressed.Welcome the new queen of gospel.

  • Lois Adom-Frimpong says:

    It’s amazing to see a young person of this day and age still evangelising with their music and being bold and confident to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. God bless you Jessie Emma and may He continue to expand your ministry for His kingdom. The song is amazing and your voice is so soothing btw.

  • Michaela Queensborough says:

    JessiEmma is anointed by the grace of God her music ministry is a blessing from our father. May your music continue to minister to the hearts and souls of many. May it usher them to seek salvation in the kingdom of God. May God bless you in abundance.

  • Love says:

    It’s such a delight to know that our generation is moving with God and in his divine purpose. I’ve listened to this song, it’ is so inspiring and comforting. God bless you for this!

  • Chantelle says:

    The song is so touching, true and meaningful. My beautiful sis JessieEmma, I’m so proud of you,
    May God bless you and continue winning souls for Christ.


    Just Beautiful! I have goose bumps listening and singing along. Powerful lyrics! God to bless you for the gift you share. Keep going sis!

  • Sabrina Fowaa says:

    Such a blessing to our generation knowing that it’s only by His amazing Grace we are not consumed. The Lord continue to enlighten you as you evangelise through music sis.

  • Doreen Mochia-Owusu says:

    What an amazing song, really appreciate God’s goodness and kindness upon you life, may he continue to use you to course change through this generation and the next. Indeed it’s his Amazing Grace. I keep singing it. Very refreshing and can’t wait to see you perform it live.

  • Bianca Nyantakyi says:

    I can listen to you sing all day. You are blessed and thank you for blessing us with your voice .

  • Amie A. says:

    I’m so proud of you, my talented sister and friend. Glad the world finally gets to hear your beautiful voice and see you shine! Amazing Grace indeed🙏

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