Jamie Pritchard releases 4th single ‘Shadowlands’ ahead of EP

Christian singer-songwriter Jamie Pritchard, from Poole, has released a new single, Shadowlands’, the fourth and final single before the six track EP “Tapestry” is released on the 12th of May, pre-save HERE.

Following on from singles ‘Alabaster Jar’, ‘Tapestry’ (featuring Nathan Jess), and ‘My Jesus’ Jamie says of the new single, ‘Shadowlands is a song I love to sing, because it really feels like a heart cry, for God to break into the lives of the most vulnerable in our world. And it’s a song filled with passion, telling the stories of so many that feel lost with nowhere to turn to, and a declaration of hope over those people.’

Jamie wrote Shadowlands as both a story, and a prayer. A story depicting scenes that we have probably all seen of people who feel lost or without hope, with the chorus and bridge being a prayer and a declaration over those people of the hope Jesus can bring.

‘Shadowlands was the first song of Jamies I listened to when he sent me a bunch of provisional demos for this project. It immediately jumped out as this sophisticated concoction of influences that I loved – pulling together sounds of Bruce Springsteen, The War On Drugs and even the harmonic tones of Fleetwood Mac. It’s just a great, robust rock song calling the light of Jesus to permeate our lives that so many will enjoy.’ – Nathan Jess, producer

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