Jamie G debuts with new single ‘Get Up’ in a powerful declaration of God’s power

Rapper Jamie G has just released his debut single ‘Get Up’. It is an upbeat track in which he testifies of God’s goodness in recent times over his life.

The song is a declaration of God’s miraculous and transformative power. Jamie’s poetic storytelling stands out in this track. His rhyming paints vivid pictures of difficult experiences (physical and mental) which God has delivered and granted him recovery from.

He sets the course for the track in an emphatic introduction stating “It’s amazing, what God can do in such a short space of time.” Each verse of ‘Get Up’ tells a different and personal story for Jamie. His testimonie bear witness to the healing power of God in a song which not only contains personal revelation but bears scriptural links with John 5:8“Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”

Jamie proclaims in this powerful debut about God’s intervention and tells us to ‘get up’ and experience God’s healing and transformative power too.

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