Jaden says ‘don’t let your surroundings define who you are’

Norwood born hip hop artist Eerf Evil (real name Jaden Osei-Bonsu) talks about life growing up in South Norwood, getting involved with crime, the attraction to the gangster lifestyle and what made him turn his back on it all.

His simple yet profound message, “don’t let your surroundings define who you are”.

Jaden’s statement reminded me of another saying from long ago that I had just about forgotten, ‘heredity makes you, the environment shapes you’. I realized I had never examined this saying in light of my new found faith now about 3 years old.

My parents produced me but on a spiritual level I was made in Gods image. This already establishes my Christ-likeness, indeed the same is true for all of us. The environment then becomes the trickier part of the equation.

This is what Jaden speaks about and it is great to be reminded that difficult though it may be, we each have the ability to choose, to become more than what our surroundings reflect of us. That may very well mean changing the people, the place or even the things around us.

The knowledge of who created you and what you are created for is the truth. This truth can bring freedom and peace. Don’t become a product of your environment and another statistic. Move out if you must!

Later on this week we bring you more from Jaden or rather Eerf Evil, some of his music and how he came by such a strange artist name.

O’Neil Dennis

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