Is the church impacting the culture it’s in or merely following…

anglican-service A Nigerian pentecostal church

How does the Bible interplay with your culture? Can any church or religion be separated from its cultural foundation? How much should the church adapt to cultural influences?

Cultural traditions around the way we live, the things we eat, the way we dress, the way we conduct business; the relationships between parents and children, men and women, husbands and wives; these all have to work in tandem with the teachings of the Bible, thus affecting the ways in which we worship.

For example as Nigerian Baptist, I know we like to worship energetically or fervently. It is not unusual to see people coming out of worship sweating hard!

Catholic services in contrast are toned down affairs, very much with a focus on tradition with a very formal service.

What other examples can you think of which shows a contrast between cultures and the way we worship? Are there ways in which our cultures clash with our faith?