Irish Trap/Hip Hop represented as Gifto’s ‘Celtics’ submitted to UKCC

Gifto is the freshest Trap/HipHop voice on the Irish music scene and has emerged thanks to Lavinia Puicar, a music manager passionate about Gifto’s talent and ability to write powerful songs for the young people of Ireland.

His background and musical influences fuse together his own truly unique Trap-Hip/Hop style. He arrived in Ireland in 1999 from South Africa when he was just six months old, and has lived here ever since. Gifto grew up without a father in Navan – a council housing estate where he witnessed a tough life, having to observe the struggles of society dealing with loneliness/suicide/depression.

Gifto decided that he is made for more and started to get involved in activities in the community around him. He is one of the band members in Dublin Lighthouse Church in Odeon Blanchardstown where he is empowering young adults every Sunday.

“The ‘Celtics’ single is a celebration of being Irish, and I also open about my experiences through lockdown, how tough it’s been mentally, without a job and my dependence on God throughout that,” says Gifto.

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