Angela & Robert Mahon inspire thousands through Kiltra School of Music

The work we do here at aStepFWD is as foundational and developmental as it is visionary, so we love to hear stories of how especially gifted and talented individuals are not only pursuing their dreams and careers but also investing in this and the next generation. It is our absolute pleasure to spotlight Ireland’s Angela and Robert Mahon.

Angela and Robert are both music lovers and passionate teachers who went on from freelance musicians and tutors to establishing the not for profit Kiltra School of Music, in south Wexford, in 2009 (celebrating its 10th anniversary in April 2019). Their hope is always to inspire their local rural communities and since opening they have helped 1,000’s of people take up an instrument and enjoy the gift of music.

In the school alongside their team of music teachers they offer tuition in a variety of different instruments to the highest standard. Music lessons are available for all ages including adult beginners, the more advanced, or those wishing to return to music. They offer two outreach programmes for 7-12 year olds in either singing or orchestral playing. KSM Young Voices and KSM SWOPS Orchestra are music programmes where the children attend once a week for a group lesson in their instrument/singing, a class in music theory and a rehearsal for their ensemble/choir. We all come together to fundraise so that these programmes are offered at a very affordable price. Both groups perform regularly in public.

Angela was also the founding Music Director for the Little Sea Musical Society — a musical society for teenagers and adults — while at the same time Robert established the KSM Concert Orchestra (for local amateur players and senior students) for the purpose of accompanying the Little Sea Musical Society while they are on stage in their shows/concerts. The Little Sea Musical Society in association with the KSM Concert Orchestra present public performances twice a year.

Next they are showcasing “Movies & Musicals” in April 2019. While they are also deep in preparations for their upcoming amateur production of “The King and I” in April 2020. For more information on the Kiltra School of Music visit their website

Alongside all this work Angela is an inspirational Christian artist in her own right penning acoustic songs of hope and encouragement intertwined with classical strings. She releases her new single ‘Break Free’ on Friday 8th March.

Check out her previous demos Hope on the Horizon and ‘Struck Down by Grace’  || Pre-order ‘Break Free’