Introducing… TIMOTHY with his spoken word performance of ‘The Lie’


19 year old artist Timothy recently released the first single from his debut EP ‘Above the Storm’ which will be releasing this autumn.

The single is titled ‘The Lie’ and we see Timothy get real about his past and how he started writing poetry just ‘hoping that someone would notice me’. The song progresses from there as Timothy pens his desperation to ‘be someone’ until he states powerfully, that the ‘the greatest lie’ that we have believed is we ‘have to work for God’s approval’.

Timothy is on point as he passionately delivers the carefully crafted poem. He deals with an issue that a lot of people need to hear in this day and age, and does it in a way that is confidently outspoken. The poem captivates the listener to the extent that you hardly notice the absence of music before it comes in atmospherically towards the end; adding a some grandeur to Timothy’s performance.

You can watch the video below!

Josh de Thierry

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