Introducing the fresh talent of singer/songwriter, Diré Pitan

London based singer/songwriter Diré Pitan, is breaking into the UK music scene with his distinct blend of soulful simplicity, funk and pop. With elements of John Legend and Jake Isaac, Diré’s sound and vocal versatility instantly draws listeners to his music. Influenced by Aṣa, his infectious lyrics bring a thought provoking message of hope amidst struggle.

Diré discovered his voice and his potential in song writing during a difficult period in 2008, where he found encouragement and comfort through singing. He has been developing his style and skills since and is committed to sharing his spirit stirring music with others.

With two of Diré’s tracks ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Nowhere Else’ submitted to the March 2016 listing of the UK Christian Chart, we got in touch as we do whenever we come across artists previously unknown to us. One thing is certain. Diré Pitan’s journey has truly just begun and we are excited fro what the future holds for him and his ministry.

Are you new, upcoming or maybe even already established? Submit your track now and join Diré and many more in the UK Christian Chart’s monthly music focus.

Loving the music from Diré? Get his debut EP Nowhere Else on iTunes now.

O’Neil Dennis

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