Introducing Sharna-Marie: Jesus-Follower, nature-lover & Fashion Stylist

I believe introducing myself would be an appropriate way to begin… So hello – Sharna-Marie here! A bit about me? I’m a free spirit, Jesus-Follower, nature-lover, Fashion Stylist, deep-thinker and fennel tea-drinker! :)… In a nutshell.

So when given this awesome opportunity to be a Fashion Writer for the Lifestyle section of A Step FWD website, I immediately made the decision that I wanted it to be somewhat different. I mean, it’s just all too easy to share style tips and discuss what’s trending – and we’ll definitely get into all of that stuff, fear not!

However, my thoughts are in the direction of also providing bite-sized chunks of food for thought and maybe going a little deeper. Well, at least that’s the aim with this article and I’ll see how I get on from there!

So with that in mind, following hearing a fantastic sermon at church recently, regarding doing everything with a spirit of excellence, I was provided with a wave of inspo! I began to ponder on how this could relate to fashion and in particular one’s appearance.

These thoughts then ensued: if we understand that we are telling a story by the way we present ourselves in how we dress, this leads to the notion that we can be good or poor at telling that story. Are we aware of exactly what story we are telling? To elaborate: do we give the impression that we have a spirit of excellence due to our appearance being of such? Quite a key question.

How we dress is an expression of our personality and we must consider the message we convey.

Although I would be the first to agree that we should not be solely judged by our outward appearance, however, we do live in a very visual world where presentation is key so our attire speaks volumes!

As a very simple example – two people attending an interview for the same job, one is immaculately dressed and the other looks somewhat disheveled and their appearance unkempt. Which candidate will be taken more seriously? Hmmm?

Furthermore, items worth considering – does our appearance tell the story that we pay attention to detail and am therefore probably reliable? Does it convey that we take pride in what we do? Or does it speak that we have a nonchalant or “slap-dash” attitude? A big chunk to chew on here.

If we want to effectively convey a story or message of excellence, then we must consider what it entails to present our attire in a manner that commands the right attention, allowing the spirit of excellence that we possess on the inside to be evident in what is displayed and noticed on the outside.

In subsequent articles, we can explore what dressing with excellence looks like…

Until next time…

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