Introducing… Saphron with her debut EP ‘Changing Seasons’

saphron music

Saphron is a British artist of Sri-Lankan decent. She was born and raised in London. It’s hard to place the genre of her music as it draws from so many different influences.

She has a fresh sound influenced no doubt, by her lifetime of exposure to diverse music and culture. Saphron is bringing back story-telling as a creative expression in music. Songs like “Heart For a Spade” has great word play and “Only Thing Keeping Me Here” is a lovely heartfelt song.

In her own words about her sound, style and gumption she says,
“It’s quite country/folk, to be honest, with a little twist at the end. I guess I just stumbled upon this style and it seemed fitting. Country music is renowned for telling good stories whilst mixing in raw emotion. I guess that’s just the season I’m stepping into. It’s a shedding of skin almost. I’ve wanted to do my own music for so long but never quite found the confidence to do so; this is my season to say ‘NO’ to fear and just get on with it!”

Songs give us a glimpse into a persons emotions and substance, and from what I have heard so far I cant wait to hear and see more of Saphron’s work.

To find out more about Saphron, visit her website where you can find links to her music and social networks.

In the meantime check out the title track below from her debut EP, Changing Seasons.

Graham Luchow