Introducing REVERE’s new live album “The Mystery of Christ”

“The Mystery of Christ” is a live project that joined together worship leaders and thought leaders from the US, UK, and South America. Recorded live in Nashville, the new album from REVERE is a response to the act of worship having become more of a growth catalyzer in the modern Church than a holy act of surrender. REVERE seeks to bring worshippers back to the catalytic agency of the glory of God, where human philosophies and popularity do not take center stage but instead point to the source of our reverence. “The human mind wants to grasp, understand, and have everything in its control,” says REVERE’s leader, Gilbert Nanlohy. “Yet Christ in his mystery confounds human efforts time and time again. Just when we think we are starting to figure God out, we are faced with the critical reminder that his paths are beyond tracing out.”

The new album features 14 songs about the reverence of God and the mystery of Christ, including three powerful versions of ‘Behold King of Glory’ in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. These songs were written to inspire the Church on their exploratory journey of the mystery of Christ – His holiness, beauty, faithfulness, and glory hidden in everyday life. The artists involved in the project are Laura Hackett Park, Mitch and Steph Wong, Carrington Gaines, Phil Thompson, Julia Vitória, David and Nicole Binion, Becky Collazos, Joseph Espinoza, Gabi Sampaio, Gabriel Guedes, Leeland Mooring, May Angeles, Becca Folkes, Thrive Worship, Geoffrey Golden, and Mark Alan Schoolmeesters. The night of the recording also included a powerful sermon from John Bevere on the fear of the Lord, which features on the album. Additional messages from Addison and Juli Bevere, Mitch and Steph Wong, Laura Hackett Park, Jason Upton, Jack Mooring, and Joel Muddamalle are available on REVERE’s YouTube channel.

The Mystery of Christ is sonically intricate and passionate, yet accessible and magnetic so listeners actively join in the act of worship. With their new album, REVERE hopes to help refocus the Church back to Christ by creating a Jesus-focused experience for every tribe, tongue, and nation.

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