Introducing… One Legacy – FEARLESS [Music Video]


In our quest to showcase the abundant talent that is new to us, Step FWD are to introduce One Legacy with their fresh release Fearless.

All the members of this UK Gospel group come from musical and creative arts background, grew up in the same church, and were founded originally as a teen & youth choir at Kensington Temple. Since then they have decided to step out in faith to bless others with the ministry of praise and worship. This one generation of singers have continued to bring a newer and exciting younger face to UK Gospel music taking baby steps since 2003 standing humbly on the scripture [John 4:24] in hoping to reach out to all, blessing all and leaving a legacy of His presence in the hearts of all generations and worshiping the King in spirit and in truth, wherever He may lead them.

When asked about the track below Step FWD was told, “Fearless was written by Morenike Ariyibi, who was inspired to write this song, after feeling like there are some days where people are afraid to be who they are and stand up for what they believe in within society today, this song was like a freedom anthem for her and for others to be reminded that everyday live being ‘Fearless’ and trust God who lives within you.”

We are loving the track and lyrics. Great to see the guys having fun and the video is a great kick-off for what looks set to be a fantastic summer. Be sure to support One Legacy on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s go!!!


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