Introducing… Lamb Chop Project – CRAZY LOVE [Audio]


Loving the simplicity and mystery surrounding this collective of ‘bare MCs/producers’ Step FWD is happy to introduce the Lamb Chop Project with their new release Crazy Love

With a head bopping hip hop beat, intelligent hard hitting lyrics and solid delivery by every MC on this track, we look forward to hearing much more from this talented UK collective, who seem confident to let the music represent and speak for their identities.

Upcoming UK producer and Emcee E.zeal aka Elijah Nang is the founder of the Independent label Lamb Chop Project. With only a few months under their belt, the Lamb Chop Project’s bio states simply yet effectively ‘Lamb Chop Project [lam-chop-proj-ekt] (noun); An Independent label that elevates Christ with one tool..’Rap’.

Listen below or download Crazy Love and check out LCP on FACEBOOK and TUMBLR


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