Introducing… Favour – TIME TO PRAY [Music Video]

Time To Pray is a release by UK Christian rapper/writer aptly named Favour. He is happy to remind you constantly that he does not represent anything or anyone but JESUS. Favour is very mindful of the grace that God has shown him is his life and wants his music blesses to bless others in some way even if they don’t know JESUS, yet.

Favour started making music few years ago and recorded a few tracks in his friend’s bedroom. Time to Pray and End Days were recorded about 9 months ago and that was pretty much the few times he had used a proper recording studio. Even though this journey is still pretty much new to him he has had recent prophecies telling him to get back into a studio for Christ and to reach out to a generation. He has been looking for months to find like-minded Christians with a studio but stated that it hasnt been very easy at all as he’s still searching for them. In conversation with Step FWD, Favour humbly stated, “Giving up sometimes seem a great idea but God said make music so am still holding on to that and won’t give up just yet. That’s the story so far, it’s in His hands what comes next.”

He went on to mention, “I’ve been contacting other Christian rappers, never seem to get replies, think I’m the wrong colour lol but I aint gonna give up, it’s what God has asked me to do so I will push on.”

This discussion with Favour reminded us of one of the main reasons why Step FWD was started. To support the grassroots artists who are more concerned with the message more that the medium, the ministry more than the music and God the source rather than the talent itself.

So if you are a Christian, artist or not, show some love, encourage each other and remember that we are all members of the same body. “The harvest is truly great, but the labourers are few…” Step FWD welcomes you Favour and pray that He will use you mightily in harvesting souls through your music.

Check out the track above and feel free to add your comment of support and encouragement.