Introducing… Autumnboy’s unique sound – from poetry all the way to heavy metal

Autumnboy is a project started by musician Lee Butler, based in Coventry UK. Formed in the summer of 2016, he began by writing and releasing demos on Soundcloud. This soon turned into a strong back catalogue of songs that became his official debut album “Ghost of a Broken Record” released in July of 2017. Since then he has been playing shows all across the UK.

Taking influences from artists such as “nothing,nowhere”, “Levi the Poet”, “Hotel Books” and “Being as an Ocean”, Autumnboy has created an interesting blend of 808 Trap style drums and bass, melodic and melancholy guitar work, and poetic, heartfelt vocals that altogether create a sound which is new, innovative and fascinating. 

Despite the fact that his live set often consists of himself and a backing track, the impact that is conveyed in Autumnboy’s music is not lost when performed to a crowd. Some have described his live performances as emotionally captivating and as something that needs to be experienced live, not just on record.

Whilst Autumnboy’s music is quite niche in nature he is still able find his way onto a variety of different lineups by standing in-between genres, ranging from Spoken Word Poetry all the way to Heavy Metal. 

Since releasing his debut album and playing shows across the UK he has no intentions of slowing down, gearing up to release his sophomore record that will define the sound that he outlined in Ghost of a Broken Record. 

In September 2018, Autumnboy will be heading out on his first full UK tour, joined by American Spoken Word Poet, Chris Bernstorf. More info coming soon!