Interview: Bisola talks her latest single ‘We Ain’t Gonna Lose’ and more

Here at AStepFWD, we’ve had the privilege of learning more about award-winning British singer-songwriter Bisola and her latest single ‘We Ain’t Gonna Lose‘. She is a true all-rounder who has made significant strides with her brand of uplifting and faith infused music. Have a read more down below!

What’s life been like since your release of ‘We Ain’t Gonna Lose’?

I’ve been touched by some of the amazing and heartfelt messages from people who’ve listened to the song saying how uplifting and encouraging it’s been for them and that the song is exactly what’s needed in this season. It’s been a busy time for me since the release ‘cos as many artists will tell you ‘the real work’ begins after you release a track. There are all the promo, performance and engagement activities you have to do. That said I do miss is not being able to do live shows to promote the track at the moment. Most churches and establishments as you know had to curtail singing performances during the lockdown although thank God those are starting to ease up. For now, I’m focusing more on online performances to get around that“.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Remember who you are. My Dad shared words to this effect when I was just fresh out of school and trying to find work in the Corporate world. He could see I was aiming low and perhaps lacked the confidence to believe I could get a really good job and I remember when he said that it was almost like a light coming on in my head like a veil was taken away. It was a pivotal moment and made me re-assess my approach to what I was doing. Praise God I managed to land a pretty good job after that but as a Christian, this lesson ran deeper for me. It means that I am a child of God, He, therefore, wants the best for me and by His grace and favour I can do better and be better than my circumstances, qualifications, abilities etc. With God on our side, we can accomplish great things and having that at the back of our minds as we go about the business of life can make a huge impact on how we live it and what decisions we make. Even at a basic level if you remember you’re a Christian, then it means you have a purpose, it means you have a responsibility to love the unloveable, to give and not expect anything back in return, to forgive when you’ve been treated badly and so on“. 

Who are you listening to right now?

I usually like to listen to Christian contemporary worship music so I love the stuff from Elevation or Planet shakers but I’ve found over the last few months I’ve not been listening to as much music. I’ve actually been listening to podcasts – I love tennis so The Tennis Podcast is a favourite of mine but I’ve also been listening to more audiobooks and in the last few months I’ve been reading a lot about black history which embarrassingly I didn’t know so much about ‘cos they don’t teach you that much in school and there aren’t that many TV programmes that focus on this. The events of the last few months sparked a desire in me to want to know more and it’s been a real eye-opener. I’ve learned so much and I’m still learning. It’s so important for us all to educate ourselves so we can more intellectually and more accurately engage in the conversations going on right now. I would recommend a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about this area is ‘Black and British a forgotten history’ It was on one of the Amazon bestseller lists so must be a good thing!”

Your favourite Bible personalities and why. 

Hands down my favourite is David! I’m sure it’s the same for many, but I just love his honesty and passion for God plus he was a true worshipper at heart. Also, he’s such an inspirational character when you think about how he suffered for so long and was on the run for years trying to avoid King Saul’s wrath through no fault of his own. Yet he still kept his faith in God and better still, whenever he messed up as in the Bathsheba saga and he realised he had done wrong, he was quick to repent and seek God’s forgiveness. I also love Peter – Jesus’ lead disciple. I know he tends to get a lot of flack from people because he denied Christ but to be honest, his story gives me hope more than any other. His story shows me you can mess up and do the worst of the worst thing and God is still merciful and willing to forgive us when we repent. I mean he denied Jesus in his hour of need and yet Jesus made him the first leader of the Church. Also which of the disciples had enough faith to walk on water like Peter – yeah ok he maybe he only lasted a few seconds and started to sink in the water as fear took over but he at least took a step of faith and walked on water. How cool is that? Who else aside from Jesus can claim to have done this? Daniel’s other favourite of mine, right from when he was a young kid through to his old age he was faithful to God and uncompromising in his faith. God used him in amazing ways through the reign of a number of kings. He is the perfect epitome of the scripture ‘A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men don’t want to leave the women out on this one – so I’d say one of my favourite personalities is Mary – Lazarus’s sister. I love that she just wanted to sit and listen to Jesus’ teaching all day and be in His presence rather than being overly focused on ‘works’ i.e. the stuff Martha was doing.

If music didn’t exist what would you do?

Errr please take me to heaven right now!! No music wow, I couldn’t even begin to imagine. That would be a very strange world. Music was one of the doorways through which I became a Christian. I still remember the feeling I had when I was a kid, maybe 5 years old, when my grandma took me to church and the sound of the singing in the service was just so enthralling, it made a lasting impact on me. I think maybe a lawyer might’ve been a career path I would love to pursue if I had a chance to choose.”

Can you tell us anything about your future plans for music?

Yes, I’m planning to release a Christmas track later this year and then by God’s grace more new releases will be coming out in 2021. It’d be great to release an EP as I’ve been doing just singles in the last year or so I’m well overdue an album I think. Watch out for that!”

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