Integrity Music launches Anchor Hymns – a new movement of hymnal worship

Integrity Music unveils a brand-new project and multigenerational collective of artists creating songs of substance from both a lyrical, theological, and musical frame called Anchor Hymns. Starting with reaching into the past, the initial releases cover some of Integrity’s most iconic songs and reframe them in a modern and musical way. The movement introduces its first single with a revisited version of Christ Be All Around Me featuring multi-cultural collective Village Lights and singer-songwriter Jasmine Mullen.

Rooted in sacred, reverential, and vulnerable honesty, Anchor Hymns dive deep into the human condition and are unafraid to tackle the sounds of suffering and grief, as well as joy and celebration. As is introduced with Christ Be All Around Me, this is more than just a serious collection of spiritual songs.

The songs emerging from Anchor Hymns are meant to be played on a continuum of musical sophistication, allowing room for worship musicians to level up their skills or to simplify the sounds and play within their skillset.