Instagram marketing tips for the music industry

At the 2019 NAMM Show, leading social media consultant Jenn Herman led a fast-paced session on Instagram for business. She covered how to use Instagram to increase sales, get new customers and connect with fans. She also discussed new Instagram updates for music businesses. NAMM U and Jenn Herman have very kindly allowed us to share the useful and inspiring session highlights…

(Watch the 30 minute video for the full session on NAMM’s website here )

Here are the key takeaways:

Use the power of Instagram.

Herman noted that Instagram has some of the highest engagement rates of all the social media platforms, averaging 3 percent. (Facebook is less than 1 percent, and Twitter is less than a quarter of a percent.)She declared the No. 1 reason she loves Instagram is that the traffic is unbeatable. It also has the lowest bounce rates of all other social media platforms. There’s one clickable link on Instagram, but your followers take three or four steps to get where you direct them for more information. That means they want to be there. Plus, the conversion rate is higher than other platforms.

Take advantage of the Instagram algorithm.

There’s a misconception that Instagram’s algorithm is the same as Facebook’s. The Instagram algorithm is based on individual interactions, not on popularity like Facebook. If someone likes your posts, Instagram recognizes that, and your posts will show up high that person’s feed. Conversely, if people scroll past and ignore your posts, they’ll drop lower in their feeds and may not show up at all. It’s all about personal interaction.

Instagram doesn’t hide any content, but Facebook does—and chooses what to show you. On Instagram, you can see every post from any account you follow if you scroll back far enough.

Use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage by posting less and better content, Herman advised. Stop posting several times a day. If you put up content that people ignore, your good content won’t get seen. It’s better if you post less often and only post the best content.

Create Instagram content strategies.

Using bright colors that pop helps make content stand out in feeds. They’ll want to look, shop and buy.

Connect emotionally and stay true to your brand. Use your captions! Let everyone know you have a brand, voice and style. Your target audience also needs to know what they can expect from you. Talk about good things because no one wants to hear about bad news. Herman suggested following the Transportation Security Administration’s Instagram account, which she finds funny and entertaining. According to Herman, if the TSA can slay Instagram, then you and your business can.

Create more of what your audience wants. Go to your Insights and Posts to filter for any time period and see what your top posts were based on engagement, reach and filter options, and what your audience likes. Remember, it’s not about what you like, but what your audience likes. For example, Herman stated she doesn’t like selfies, but whenever she posts a pic of herself with targeted copy, her number of likes goes up. Herman went on to say it’s because her audience knows it’s her, they feel they can trust her, and they know she offers relevant, valuable information. If Herman has something important to say, she includes her picture with text—it’s what her audience likes. Look at your analytics, find out what your audience likes and what’s generating more engagement, and do more of that.

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