Inspired worship and thoughts from Emmanuel Smith-Tali

Recently we featured a young man whose heart and passion for worship sets him apart and makes him an inspiration to many. With 2017 looking to be a year of transitioning and breakout from the dominance of congregational worship we were drawn to Emmanuel Smith-Tali’s fervent yet intimate exaltations.

He shared some thoughts with us about why he does what he does saying,

“People usually ask me what drives me to do what I do and why I am so passionate in the way I sing or speak. That’s a question that always excites me. We live in times where most of us are gripped with fear; fear of failure, fear of the opinions of people etc. Yet the man whose example we are to follow, was confident and walked in authority and was so effective that we still talk about him today and that’s Jesus Christ.

This video (above) is just one of the examples of some of the things on my heart. I wanted to do a video that will spread to places that some of us have not even been bold to go. To broken homes, depressed people and those who are simply trying to find their way.

My mentors Pastor Daniel Wealthyland and Pastor Joseph Amey have always pushed me to exceed even my own expectations of myself. One of my motto’s is “there may be 100 reasons why you can’t do something with your gift but 1 positive reason is more than you need to push forward”. I’m here to inspire my generation.”

Click the link for more from Emmanuel Smith-Tali as we continue to follow his ministry.