Influential German Outbreakband introduces new single ‘Oase’

German worship band Outbreakband release their new single ‘Oase’, translating in English as “oasis”. Their vision seeks to reawaken a passion for the Lord and for worship in the youth of Germany and bordering German speaking countries, which ‘Oase’ expresses lyrically and musically. The single is bright and energetic, featuring multiple synths, an electric drive, and an overall fresh summery feel. With underlying water sounds as a nod to the title, ‘Oase’ expands on the metaphor of God’s presence as a place of rest and refreshing amid life circumstances. It’s a song of faith and a reminder of our belonging to a caring and life-giving God.

Mia Friesen, who co-wrote the new song with Stefan Schöpfle, adds that “the song has such a beautiful musical lightness [as an invitation] to come into the lightness that God has for us and look for the oases [in his presence].” Outbreakband’s deep conviction and experience of Christ’s abounding life as well as their crisp sound shine through ‘Oase’.