Indie / Folk / Acoustic July Chart 2021

Welcome to the UK Christian Chart submissions listing for July 2021. Below you will find multiple categories populated with songs for you to listen to and vote on. The UK Christian Chart is the national, independent charting system serving both emerging and established artists since 2014. The top tracks, as always, will be the combined result of voting from over 150 Judges and from you the Public (weighted 2:1 respectively).

#1 Stay Here - Marizu
#2 I Can't Breathe - Jabez Walsh
#3 Holly - Lydia Evangeline
#4 Where We'll Go - Jacob Hilton
#5 Dust - Rebekah Fitch
Other tracks (in no particular order)
Take Me Back (Live) - Beth Karp
One Day - Michael & Becci Ball
Friend - Jemimah Paine
Headed for The Water - Wildwood Kin
Raincoat - Matthew Whisker
This is For (Live) - Beth Karp