India and Nashville USA feature in new “Where In The World” interview series

Where In The World? is a brand new live interview series from A Step FWD which aims to connect with individuals across the world ‘bringing the world a little closer home’. The conversations explore the culture around each guest, talking food, signature sights, practices and of course faith dynamics. This week, host Carla Adebekun was joined by 2 amazing ladies, Stella Ramola from India and Grace Graber from Nashville, USA.

“He was the only one there for me when everybody around me left”, spoken powerfully by Stella, are words that define the turning point in her life and propelled her to use her passion for music, for God. Based in Chennai, Stella is a quadruple-threat who joined us to speak about her journey to Christ; the ever-changing culture in India; and how she uses her talents – singer, songwriter, vlogger and TV presenter – to continuously give glory to God.

We were also joined by the wonderful Grace Graber and her electric personality. Grace described going through an extremely dark and isolated passage in her life but was thankfully saved by music. She then decided to use her second chance at life to impact others through music and also finds time to be a mental health advocate, encouraging us as Christians to take care of ourselves, so we are positioned to use what God has equipped in us.

Click below to watch Where In The World? and hear how the body of Christ is working in different parts of the world!