In the ‘race of life’ are we Sprinters or Marathon Runners?


This week I had traveled up to North Devon with a national citizen service organisation called ‘The Challenge’ to complete the first week of the three week programme as a mentor with my team of 12 challengers, fresh out of GCSEs.

The aim of the long 7 hour journey up to Devon by coach was to challenge them personally with physical outdoor activity. The first day I was so ON IT! Ready for the kayaking and raft building I had so much energy and enthusiasm.

In light of this my boss encouraged me to rest more the second and third day because I would be very tired. But by day 4 after camping in a field and not adhering to those instructions I was absolutely spent and definitely less effective. This led me to realize this attitude of work and no rest was dangerous and was a reflection of my life as a Christian.

It is important to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint.

We need an enduring character in our Christian walk to run the race to the very end. Suffering helps build this because we are more inclined to rely on our Savior for our energy stores. But resting in Jesus above all is vital because this helps consolidate our strength and sharpen our hope.

Will we endure to the very end and be saved by our own hard work, or on our attitude to rest in The Lord, so He may renew us? Matthew 11:28

Chris Borges Da Silva

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