ICIE: Is it time to call it quits?

Anybody involved in creating this precious artform called music knows the struggles and hurdles one has to overcome just to get your music out there.

Even when you finally put that music out into the ether, there is no guarantee, no guarantee at all that it will bring back a return anywhere near the sweat and tears you’ve invested into it.

Last year I was grateful to release a six track EP, organise 2 separate launches and make my debut as a self published author. Though I was thankful for all the congratulations, tweets and likes, none of those things enabled me to recoup the money and time I had invested in executing those projects.

Likes and views have NEVER paid my rent.

It is at those times having giving my all I look in the mirror and ask “Is it time to call it quits?”

For me personally I know that time hasn’t come yet, but over the last week or so Facebook announcements were made by rapper-songwriter David Keigh and the singing legend that is Natalie Philips, of their departure from music.

For myself and many it came as quite a shock, but after swirling it over in my mind it’s actually something I applaud.

Knowing when to stop is as important as knowing when to start.

Everyone has a life journey that they must embark upon that is distinctly different from the person next to them.

It got me thinking; we should never be afraid to take the detours we feel led to take in this life, because we all have alternative endings to our story.

None of us have remained on the same trajectory, throughout our whole life. Life beckons us to change and adapt.

A few weeks ago there was a mass uproar in Christendom over Jahaziel’s denouncement of his faith. The reactions ranged from empathy all the way to proclamations of hell on him and his child (*rolls eyes* so over dramatic sigh!)

But before casting your ‘without sin stone’ open your eyes to the possibility that this detour in his journey could be exactly what is needed to bring him to his bespoke alternate ending.

Whether it be stopping music or changing careers or even relocating half way across the world, never be afraid to come off track to be on track in the eyes of God.

If it’s time to call it quits, run in the lane assigned to you and don’t look back.

Until I Write Again…

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