“I was so scared to do a show!” says ICIE of recent Headline event in Camden

This past weekend Sunday 2nd December 2018 Icie celebrated the release of his album “Moment Of Clarity” with his headline show at Camden Assembly (highlight video above). Special guests included Karl Lokko, DJ Rachel Anson and Spoken Word from Briggs The Wordsmith.

The night was full of laughter, energy and poignant moments that spoke about the journey of the album, the ups and downs and the desire to create art that connected with peoples hearts.

“My main purpose was to create music that connected with people’s hearts, music that can stand as the alternative to whats out there. A show at Camden Assembly was just a perfect opportunity to share that music in the flesh.”

“This was my first ever headline show and I loved every moment of it. I’m grateful to everyone who came out and looking forward to doing it again 2019!”, Icie told us.

Click the link and get Icie’s much talked about “Moment Of Clarity” album now.