Hydration Records announces the release of ground-breaking new single ‘Nikes’

Hydration Records recently announced the release of ‘Nikes’, a vibrant and uplifting gospel Afrobeats/Amapiano track celebrating individuality and uniqueness. The song, performed by Protek Illasheva and YoYo Michael, delivers a powerful message about uniqueness and self-identity, emphasising that nobody can truly walk in your shoes.

Nikes‘ masterfully blends the rhythmic joy of Afrobeats with the pulsating beats of Amapiano, creating a musical experience that is both infectious and inspiring. The track is an anthem for everyone who believes in embracing their individuality and recognizing their unique path shaped by divine craftsmanship.

Produced by DJ Shunz and KD Summerz, ‘Nikes‘ is set to be a chart-topping hit that resonates with fans across the globe. Its compelling lyrics and captivating beat make it the perfect soundtrack for anyone looking to celebrate their identity and the beauty of being themselves.

DJ Shunz shares, “This song is a reminder that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Each of us has a unique journey and a special story. ‘Nikes’ is about embracing that story, owning your journey, and walking confidently in your own shoes – no one else’s.”

Nikes‘ is available for streaming and download here.

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