‘Huis Van Gebed’ inspires to join in prayer for Churches in Netherlands & globally

Nowadays it’s not hard to imagine Christ’s Church under pressure. Even the simple act of meeting as a community is not a given worldwide. But still, the Church is uniquely called to be a light of hope in the darkness. During the Week of Prayer (Jan. 16 –23) as Christians worldwide prayed for unity, Mozaiek Worship and InSalvation premiered ‘Huis Van Gebed’ on YouTube. Now releasing everywhere, the new song is one that was written with the Dutch Church in mind, desiring to see it as a source of hope and redemption in society. ‘Huis Van Gebed’ (meaning “house of prayer”) was written by Jafeth Bekx of InSalvation and Kees Kraayenoord of Mozaiek Worship

“We believe the Church is called to be the hands and feet of Christ’s hope; especially a ta time like what we’re going through now,” says Kees. “We wanted to give the Church words to return to God, to ask Him for forgiveness, renewal, and restoration – so that it can once again become all it is called to be,” he adds. ‘Huis Van Gebed’ expresses this shared vision and desire with lyrics inspired by Ezekiel 37 and the chapter’s call for revival. Mozaiek Worship and InSalvation jointly recorded a video for the song which premiered in January. The recording features a recited prayer by Jan Pool, the founder of a recent initiative to connect Christians in the Netherlands and call them to jointly pray for the Church.

Though Mozaiek Worship and InSalvation have collaborated before in different ways, ‘Huis Van Gebed’ marks the first time the bands joined together to write a song. “We hope it will inspire a movement that is enthusiastic about the church,” says Jafeth Bekx. ‘Huis Van Gebed’ inspires us to join in prayer for Churches in the Netherlands and all over the world to become houses of prayer.