Homegrown Worship releases fresh sounds by Esther Colman – ‘Footprints’

Esther Colman is a singer, pianist, cellist, worship leader and songwriter based in Leeds in the north of England. Her musical tastes and influences are varied – her musical background is in classical music, particularly choral singing and orchestral cello playing, but she has also sung and played in swing, jazz and funk bands.

About her new release ‘Footprints’ Esther says the following:

I’ve often found life overwhelming and writing Footprints helped me understand who God is in times of difficulty. This was an important journey for me, and it took me a decade to find the words to complete this song.

The chorus is based on the anonymous poem Footprints in the Sand, which ends “When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” This is an image that I hold in my heart and helps me lean into God when times are hard.

The verses paint a picture of someone who feels that their life is falling apart, that they’re walking through a hopeless desert. Jesus meets with this person and carries them, all the while explaining how deeply He loves them. In their journey of learning to trust Him, he is faithful and patient, whilst calling down rain to the scorched earth.

This is a song which sings of how deeply God loves us and the lengths He goes to for us to know He is with us. I hope it helps you feel peace in times of struggle and gratitude in times of joy. I hope it helps you meet with Jesus today.

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