aStepFWD campaign successfully funded with a whopping £6615



We did it! We hit 100%, passed it and to all those who supported and pledged, we cant thank you enough for helping to make this dream a reality!

It’s truly amazing to see what God has done and is still doing, and we’re so excited for the future – with our new website and equipment! 

We’re already back to work and will be bringing you the latest, so stay tuned for more music, and we’ll also be updating you with our progress along the way. 

Apart from trending on social networks Tuesday night, we’ve successfully delivered an ‘incredible achievement’ and a most significant milestone in the history of UK Christian Music, uniting hundreds of artist and fans while raising much needed funds. 

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported and pledged!!

Keep updated here: UK Christian Chart Kickstarter Campaign