Has Kanye West hijacked the Gospel stage?

Remember the VMA music Awards back in 2009 when Kanye West hijacked Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech? Speaking boldly into the mic, West made his point, wide and clear to the world that his friend Beyonce Knowles was more deserving of the accolade.

Some members of the public and the media may never have forgiven him for this, but has he done the same thing again?

Some of us may look back at the 2009 WMA incident and assume that it was a very clever and elaborate publicity stunt, but the recent release from Kanye West may be another attempt to stage storm and make a point. West has crossed over into another genre, but are Gospel fans ready to embrace him with open arms?

A Gospel single from the man some years ago created an earthquake and much controversy when it appeared on the nomination list of a high profile Gospel Award ceremony. Just this week the rapper officially launched his seventh album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and described the new music as “really a Gospel album”, explaining it couldn’t have happened without “God really holding me down…”.

Despite who he is or what some people may think he represents, maybe Gospel music will benefit from this interesting and unusual injection. Will this album enter both secular, and God forbid, Gospel charts and Radio?

Could Kanye West be taking over from where Kirk Franklin left off, or is it similar to Snoop Doggs recent dabble and experimentation with Reggae music?

Despite what the Gospel community thinks, the inimitable and controversial Kanye West, and the Kardashians, will defend his God-given right to release a Gospel album in much the same way as he spoke up for his friend Beyonce Knowles on VMA night back in 2009.

Steve Alexander Smith

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