Hands up if you have ever claimed to be a ‘problem solver’


‘On your CV, you claim to have problem solving skills, yet you can’t solve problems in your relationships or even in your marriage’.

How many time do you redraft your CV, adding new skills every time. Problem solving seems to be a common mention. How can you claim to be a problem solver when you can’t solve problems in your family, in your relationships with people, or in your marriage. Why lie to a potential employer about skills you do not have.

You get confronted with a problem and you run. You run as fast as you can because you do not know what to do, or how to go about solving the problem.

So if you are going to continue claiming to be a problem solver, attain this skill because it is truly a skill which a very small percentage of people possess. Work on it, hone it. When you become the world’s greatest problem solver, slap it on your CV, because you have been there and solved it.

In the meantime check yourself ’cause as the quote goes “a mask can hide you from others but not yourself”.

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