GuvnaB announces ‘Secret World’ release date!

“It was all a dream..” is what Guvna B posted against a picture of him and Jimmy James, his producer, out side the infamous Abbey Road studios; where his latest project ‘Secret world’ was just mastered.

Guvna B is one of the biggest Christian artists in the UK and hearing that his latest album will be out in no more than 27 days has raised the anticipation for many of his fans. The success of the crowd-funded project is a huge achievement in its self, and seeing the excitement around ‘Secret World’ is also exciting for the UK Christian Industry.

It was announced recently that the album would be released on the 20th of November, and with singles soon to be released, it’s looking like its going to be an exciting month!

Make sure you watch out as we cover the run up to the release of ‘Secret World’ and bring you the latest!

Josh de Thierry