Guvna B returns after death of his father with heartfelt ‘Everyday’ single

UK Rap and Grime artist, author, founder and owner of urban lifestyle brand – Allo Mate, Guvna B returns with heartfelt single ‘Everyday‘ following the death of his father. The new track is fresh off the back of his bestselling book “Unpopular Culture” and marks the end of Guvna’s 18-month music hiatus.

Guvna B has achieved much in his young years; winning two MOBO awards, selling out venues across the UK and Europe, accumulating impressive numbers of views and streams as an Independent artist and writing a bestselling book speaking into youth culture… You could say the East London rapper was riding high with a bright future ahead of him.  While the latter is undoubtedly still true, he was hit with a blow when he lost his Father suddenly earlier this year. The experience knocked him sideways.

“Losing my dad was completely unexpected and a real knock-out punch. I’ve got to live with the regrets of wishing I’d spent more time with him, took more pictures, and shared more of my dreams – I was really angry about that. It made me question my faith too but, ultimately I’ve coming out the other side a stronger person. It still hurts but I’ve never been more inspired to continue his legacy and make him proud.”

The new single ‘Everyday’ could be described as a coming-of-age track for the young rapper.  You can hear the struggle in the lyrics as he vulnerably shares about the most difficult challenge he’s had to face in his life so far: stepping up as the head of the family and ultimately choosing to not give up but to keep his Faith and to keep going.

The raw truth and vulnerability of the lyrics will communicate to fans on a level that hasn’t been seen by Guvna before and the inspiring message of hope, along with some sick production from Jimmy James, will bring new fans while cementing the loyalty of his already extensive fan-base.  Anyone who’s ever been through a hard time will be inspired not to give up by ‘Everyday‘.

Guvna B’s recent life experience shows he’s grown up and levelled up.  More of the same poignant lyrics, tackling difficult topics and on-point production is expected in the forthcoming album planned for release in the Spring of 2018.

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Link below for Guvna B’s best-selling book ‘Unpopular Culture