Guvna B confronts racism head-on in new “The Village Is On Fire” album + UK Tour

UK-based Gospel artist Guvna B has taken a more conscious route with his music in the latest album, “The Village Is On Fire”, and you can immediately tell – just from the album artwork – that he is not holding back!

Inspired by a racially motivated assault he experienced on the 24th August 2022, the attackers threw coffee at him and punched him in his left eye, leaving him blind for months. Guvna B reported the incident to the police, and his lyrics make it clear that he wasn’t taken seriously like he should have been. Consequently, the case was dropped.

Details of the incident and the aftermath are reflected in tracks like ‘Bridgeland Road’, ‘Case Closed’ and ‘Revenge Ain’t Sweet’. And with a more conscious take, he also raps about gang culture violence on ‘U Get Me?’, ‘Brother’s Keeper’, ‘Traffic’ and again on ‘Bridgeland Road’.

However, in spite of what has transpired, one thing that is very clear is the hope in Christ he’s managed to hang on to during the aftermath of the attack in ‘Alright’ and ‘Simple’.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a true Guvna B album without self-reflection tracks where he expresses his own personal struggles and life experiences, as well as how God has seen him through those moments. He’s taken the time in this album specifically (but not exclusively) to talk about his struggles with opening up and being vulnerable. You can hear this in ‘Amplify’, ‘Everyone’s A Hypocrite’, ‘Replay’, ‘Simple’ and ‘Suits and Shirts’.

With features from Michaela Coel, DarkoVibes, Ghetts, Kierra Sheard and even a recording from the comedian Kae Kurd – this album brings a very unique and eclectic blend for any fan of the UK Rap scene (not just gospel) to enjoy.

Full album on Spotify

Across the album, there is a decent fusion between gospel and conscious – even blending the styles in the same tracks multiple times. Musically, you can expect to hear some grime, some drill as well as some tracks that resemble a spoken word style. A very diverse album that lyrically doesn’t miss a single time! It is rare that an album gets released where every track has a strength that can hold its own, yet in “The Village Is On Fire” Guvna B has managed to achieve just that!

There are two ways this album has the potential to make a major impact:

  1. It will hopefully educate people who believe that racism is “yesterday’s problem” or more of an “American thing”, and cause them to realise it’s still very much a serious present issue and is everywhere!
  2. Those who have experienced similar in their own lives may listen to “The Village Is On Fire”, and be inspired by the hope and encouragement Guvna B has in Jesus through the trauma.

And the above is very possible. He’s been pushing the promotion of the album hard! Examples being a large billboard in Leicester Square and having recently performed at a London Underground station on the album’s release day. So this album will no doubt be very explosive indeed!

The album is fresh and new, and he’s launching this masterpiece through a UK Tour. He’s performing in four cities where he’ll be hosting intimate full performances and signings, so if you’re in the area – be sure to check it out! The dates are (click to book):

You can also listen to the album on all streaming platforms including Spotify. As well as that, you can get a physical copy on CD, Vinyl or Cassette with an autographed art card on his online store along with official merchandise.

Mutiple MOBO Award winner, Guvna B is arguably the most well-known UK Gospel Rap Artist who has been very prolific ever since he entered the scene in 2007, this being his sixth album. He was the Top Male Artist at the first ever StepFWD Awards having the most No.1 tracks from the start of the UK Christian Charts in 2014 through to 2020. He has also got two mixtapes as well as various EP’s and one-off tracks. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.