Gospel singer-songwriter Winnette releases new worship track ‘Hallelujah’

The anticipated music video for ‘Hallelujah,’ a song of praise and thanksgiving by Winnette, is out now. The eye-catching visuals from her solo debut single match the afrobeat vibe of the song and its compelling lyrics with a contemporary touch. Coming from an artist who has been singing ever since she was a child, this track will surely make its way into the hearts and souls of the listeners! ‘Hallelujah’ is the kind of song that really sticks in your head long after the playback is over! 

This project is a perfect blend of warm soulful melodies through the uplifting nature of the gospel message. Winnette would like the listeners to make a decision to choose joy over sadness, gratitude over complaining and confidence in God. Her singing style has something to offer to everyone and her music stands on its own as a unique and innovative piece of self-expression and positivity. 

Hallelujah represents a promising step forward in Winnette’s music career, demonstrating her lyrical, emotional connection and soul-stirring ability as portrayed through her music. Fans of Afrobeat gospel, Caribbean music and soul will appreciate Winnette’s understated nuances and personable approach. 

Winnette is a gospel singer, passionate worshipper and songwriter from London with a heart for God. From a child, she grew up ministering the gospel as part of the ‘St Luce Sisters’ and the ‘St Luce Family’ group with whom she professionally released music. Over the years, Winnette has sung at various churches and events throughout the United Kingdom and the Caribbean with her siblings, choirs and music ministries. As Winnette launches her solo career, she aims to continue to share the gospel message through her gifts with conviction and power.

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