Gospel artist Peter Ihegie releases new song ‘Blessings (Remix)’ ft. Shun.S

Peter Ihegie the phenomenal UK based gospel artist releases a new song titled ‘Blessings (Remix)featuring Shun.S. The song brings a different flavour of hip-hop and rap to the original version previously released in 2019. 
The message of contentment and gratitude for everyday blessings is still well presented in this club, dance, hip-hop and rap version. Love in the family, peace of mind, daily protection, good health, dreams achieved and true success are all daily blessings that make we sometimes take for granted but they make our lives more meaningful. 
The beats and bass will make anyone want to dance with hands up in the air. Truly there is a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy this number and be grateful for daily blessings.

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