Gospel artist FEGS releases new single ‘Straight to London’

Peter Ofoegbu, also known as FEGS, is a Nigerian-born Gospel artist, who grew up in South London (UK). He is the founder of the company, Music Birthed Out Of The Spirit, where the vision is to continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through various ventures.

Music has played a huge part in FEGS’ life, from playing drums at church and receiving songs in dreams when he was younger, to messing around with friends showcasing rap skills. A crucial moment in his music career was when his pastor had said “If God is blessing you with songs write it down”. He took note of this statement and began to write.

After bouncing back from a hiatus, FEGS created a new wave of afro-fusion sounds, which includes a number of different sounds from around the world. Songs like, ‘Do My Dance’ and ‘Omalicha Baby’ are part of this new sound.

FEGS took it back to when he first started releasing music, with the new single ‘Straight To London‘, reminding us all that he can still rap. He plans to release more singles, EP’s and albums in the forthcoming years whilst exploring and experimenting with new sounds.

It’s tough to put a name to the style of music he makes because he is such a versatile individual with a distinctive flow.” – Rapzilla 2018.

Doing a complete 360, FEGS is back with some hardcore rap.

Straight to London is written, arranged and produced by FEGS. The numerous flows and punchlines showcased on the track are complemented by, drums and the bass guitar that harmoniously run through from start to finish. Straight to London by FEGS can be summed up with these words: Energetic, Lively and Motivational.

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