GOODNEWS MUSIC headed to ZIMBABWE to Cross Over into 2023

The work of A Step FWD and the UK Christian Charts is far-reaching and inclusive, connecting with numerous artists daily and showcasing the rich diversity of the British Christian and Gospel community. Still, there is so much talent around it’s inevitable we’ll miss a few. Thankfully we were able to connect with the amazing team over at GoodNews Music who are now fully on our radar. We caught up with them to hear about their most recent overseas trip. Here’s what they had to say:

All glory be to God! We made it! It’s 2023 and we thank God that we are here, fired up, and fully equipped to push His gospel around the world!! What an experience the GoodNews music team had over Christmas and New Year!

We all flew out to the country of Zimbabwe in Southern Africa to prepare and execute a very special event that would glorify the name of Jesus in the most spectacular way. We went to the city of Harare, from the UK, to help put the final preparations together for the Exodus Night event where we would be all praising and worshipping the Lord Jesus into the new year!!

We worked through Christmas and up to the end of the year to get together this amazing event and it really went off in a way that glorified the Lord Jesus!! Thousands upon thousands of people arrived in Harare from every continent on the planet, to partake in this phenomenal event.

Dozens of GoodNews Musics artists took to the stage and praised and worshipped the Lord Jesus with all that is in them, a befitting end to 2022 and start to 2023. Pastor Rikki Doolan featured along with The Rebels, PT, EL Waves and Craig Bone, Latoya Bless, Mr Phenomenal & Jaspr amongst others. It was a sign and a wonder that will never be forgotten. Jesus is Lord in the nation of Zimbabwe!!

We certainly look forward to what GoodNews will be doing in 2023 and anticipate many exciting projects in the pipeline!