‘God Of My Tomorrow’ the new song by Branan Murphy out now

It’s been a busy year for the North Carolina artist. Since the start of 2023, Branan Murphy has been busy releasing song after song to the public as he leads up to his debut full length on Paravel / DREAM. Today, his new song ‘God Of My Tomorrow’ releases to all digital retail and streaming service providers. This time, Branan teamed up with producer David Spencer.  Spencer has produced a number of Branan’s songs including his recently released ‘Life Is Hard. God Is Good’. single and his top 10 Billboard Hot AC / CHR single ‘I Will Wait’.  Murphy and Spencer teamed up with songwriter Molly Reed (Blanca, Danny Gokey) to write ‘God Of My Tomorrow’.

“One of the things that was so powerful about making this album, Life is Hard. God is Good., is that in the middle of the creative process of putting it together, I was living it in real time. And I tried to do my best to be in the moment, to write the songs that I was living. God Of My Tomorrow is one of those songs. I was in the studio, about to start a session to track the song, when I got a phone call from my manager who would soon after lose his wife to cancer. I was so devastated by the call, I cried and prayed with my producer, and then we rewrote the verses and changed the vibe of the song based on the phone call I just had. The pre-chorus of the song, “Cause today feels so impossible…” is the line that hits the hardest for me. I know so many people feel like that right now. But our comfort is knowing that God is with us today, and tomorrow is not just something he knows about. Tomorrow is a place where God already is. We can trust his goodness and mercy are waiting for us there.” – Branan Murphy

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