Get to know A StepFWD Youth Ambassador: Jacob Lloyd

Earlier in the week aStepFWD were able to talk to the amazing Jacob Lloyd about music, ministry, life and more!

Jacob Lloyd is name that you are likely to have heard of, but if you haven’t yet, let us be the first to introduce him. The 18-year-old is not only a musician, but one with a huge heart for evangelism. As well as being a busy touring act, he has appeared at the Youth Works Summit, Greenbelt Festival and more recently has been working with renowned evangelist Mark Greenwood.

We were lucky enough to talk to him and ask him a few questions!

How did you discover your passion for theology?

Well as my family have always been involved in church, I’ve just grown up in it and developed my personal passion for study. But I’ve found that it has also come through being a musician. As I started writing songs about my relationship with God after being bullied, I developed a hunger for knowledge and a hunger to fully understand what I was reading. I also knew that if I wanted to preach, I’ve got to know what I’m taking about!

How can you see music fit into your future?

As cliché as it sounds, its true that music is universal, and it’s invaluable. I’m planning to use music full time, and use it as a tool. I’ve found that I can’t stop writing songs. For me, writing songs has become like a reflex, but I’ve found myself taking my time with it now.

You’ve started to do a bit of spoken word, what inspired you to do that?

I love how you can communicate something so clearly with such freedom. You don’t have to spend 4 months or so developing music around it. It could be 30 seconds or 5 minuets. For me its just getting a snapshot of where I am or what I want to say out right then.

 So can we expect a spoken word EP or album from Jacob Lloyd in the future?

(Laughs) Well it’s not something I’ve thought about, but I’d never say never!

Finally, as a young adult yourself, what do you think the biggest challenge is for youth and young adults today?

‘Focus’ is the word that comes to mind. So much can come to mind when we try and focus or zone into the word of God. ‘Drifting’ is another word. It’s so easy to drift away. You don’t even need an elaborate issue to be drawn away; it can be good things such as revisions etc. But we expect our relationship to be intact again afterwards – we can’t have a human relationship and go away for 6 months and expect everything to be cool and It’s the same with God.

It’s safe to say that Jacob Lloyd’s future is a bright one, and we’re excited to be able to see him grow. Stay tuned for more updates on him and his journey!

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