From the UK to the US with ‘Outrageous Love’ by Noel Robinson

From the UK to the US with Outrageous Love set for physical release on January 21st after Noel Robinson recently signed a distribution deal. Outrageous Love is Noel‘s most recent album which credits some Gospel greats including Israel Houghton, Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick and Bazil Meade.

There are few names in the UK music scene that can rival the hard work, dedication and constantly renewed relevance to a generation that can be attributed to Noel Robinson‘s 20+ year career. His longevity is a true testament to some endearing qualities not least his passion for people and for true worship. Late last year we reported on his signing to Integrity and he remains the first Gospel artist on the label.

Having spoken to Noel on numerous occasions it is easy to understand why he is the household name he is. I have come from every conversation learning something new, as his experience and insight allows him invaluable wisdom which he no doubt applies to his songwriting skills. The result is numerous chart positions, constant bookings and accolades from Christian & Gospels music’s most renown across the world.

What a fantastic start to the new year for Noel Robinson as Outrageous Love gets distributed across North America and it seems he is just warming up!

You can read more and listen a top single ‘Freedom’ from the album here.

O’Neil Dennis

(Picture courtesy of Christmas LIVE and credited to Sam O’Dayour)

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