Fred Williams shares a few of his passion projects in Trailblazer follow-up

We started off the month of July with a focus on spotlighting trailblazers and outstanding individuals in the creative space, who also have a passion for and are excelling in their willingness and ability to serve others. The first in this new series was Fred Williams – Film Maker, Producer, Community advocate and an experienced Creative Director who has worked extensively in the motion pictures and film industry.

Feel free to check out Part 1 of this series where we gave more insight into the man himself, along with showcasing some of his creative projects. In this follow-up, we bring you some information on three projects that Fred is especially passionate about.

The LOVEBACK Project

All of Fred’s skills and abilities come to bear in his leadership of the LOVEBACK/ #dropthegunpickupacamera campaign. LOVEBACK is an initiative promoting justice and peace in which creative arts, drama, music and motion picture are used to promote tolerance, respect, forgiveness, enterprise, justice and community building initiatives.

The LoveBack Project is a visual campaign that celebrates positive role models responding to terror and violence in creative and constructive terms. It tells the stories of creative defiance expressed in community building activities, music, dance, in theatre and on screen, as an instrument of social reformation in building collective action. See more HERE

Hear Our Cry, Help!

Raising awareness and support for victims and communities affected by terrorism in Northern Nigeria. We have raised and distributed support to provide food, clothes, medicine and other much-needed supplies for, especially children, women and the wounded.  We continue create awareness and facilitate a network of concerned stakeholders across the diaspora. See more HERE

Live at Icontowers

Fred is passionate about providing quality content that will connect with and engage an audience. He has facilitated and hosted numerous sessions and projects that inform, educate and entertain separately and combined. In addition, he has worked with various corporate clients as evident in his showreel. Other clients include Rhoda Wilson Productions’ Christmas with the King, Christian Concern and African Gospel Music Awards to name a few.

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