Foundational song from REVERE reintroduced as a full-band version

REVERE gathered artists from the United States and South America to craft songs of intimacy and renewed devotion in the summer of 2021. One of the first fruits of this now global movement of worship was ‘Behold (King of Glory)’ a song written by Sarah Kroger, Dwan Hill, Jessica Hitte, and Addison Bevere. This new version is one of three new powerful recordings of the song with a Spanish and a Portuguese version to come in the next few weeks. The third single from REVERE’s 2023 live album is reintroduced as a full-band version, led by David and Nicole Binion.

The unified pursuit of God in this song creates an inviting call to an encounter with the Holy One, making space to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and express His greatness. Behold (King of Glory)carries REVERE’s core desire to inspire the Church to embrace her purpose of wholehearted, selfless, and boundary-breaking worship again.