Fiona Yorke: 2014, 2015 and 2016

Imagine how excited I was when new British Gospel sensation Fiona Yorke promised to send me a signed complimentary copy of her brand new EP ‘Sound Freedom’. When I opened the package, which seemed rather bulky for one CD, in actual fact, two were waiting for me.

Not only this years 6 track ‘Sound Freedom’ but the 2014 debut release ‘Live to Worship’. Both CD covers are adorned by the features of, I must say, a woman of extreme beauty.

From start to finish most of the 12 tracks across both CD’s are written by this talented woman of God. In-demand Producer Marcus Johnson has made his mark on most of the songs. This lady can sing and displays a wide vocal range. The tempo and different styles of music absorb in a wide cross-section of genres.

In fact the opening offering on the 2015 Sound Freedom EP ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ burrows from a chic-like disco groove. ‘Grateful’ allows Yorke to spread her wings, musically and lyrically, she is blessed.

Listen out for featured artists such as Karl Nova and TNEEK who both add to this follow-up EP. By the way, Dwayne Tryumf helps out on the first CD on a track titled Ambassador. A read through the credits shows that Fiona is also supported on the project by dynamic duo, London group Pure Wisdom namely Sophie Harriot and Kathy McLeish.

Now that I have heard and played two CD’s I recommend you should purchase as a compulsory set. I enjoyed both from start to finish.

Judging by the tour schedule and work rate of Fiona Yorke, it would not surprise me if in 2016 she drops a third EP to complete the trilogy of this new energy output.

Her music is available on her website and across several digital platforms. Check her out on Youtube too.

Steve Alexander Smith