Feeling fruity? Are you a Peach or an Orange?


Are you a peach, or an orange? (technically a tangerine but lets not be fussy ey)

A pastor once described Christians as peaches and oranges. Just as peaches are a whole fruit with a stone centre, Christians should be whole in their life when it comes to God with Him as the centre stone. Oranges are segmented with many divisions and have no centre core; just as some Christians when God is included in aspects of their life but they do not have him in the centre.

God should be in every part of your life not just the areas you pick and choose.

Take a second and think which one you are. If you’re a peach, think, how can you maintain the relationship and make the stone even stronger. If you’re an orange, think, why are you excluding God and change to include Him in everything you do.

Latisha Daure

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